We have a wide assortment of lumber that is sure to fit your next projects needs. 


Don't see what your looking for in the list below?  Give us a call.  We just didn't have room to list it all!


  • 2X4 White/ Hemlock Fir

  • 2X6 White/ Hemlock Fir

  • 2X8 White/ Hemlock Fir

  • 8'-20' White/ Hemlock Fir

  • 2X10 Douglas Fir

  • 2X12 Douglas Fir

  • 8'-20' Douglas Fir

  • 2x4 Spruce

  • 2x6 Spruce

  • 8'-16' Spruce

  • Long Lengths 22'28', 2x8, 2x10

  • Precut Studs 2x4, 2x6, 92-5/8"